See the world from above

See the world at its heights, fly with us! Well, this is not a motto of an airline company, but we are flying too. We are a group of para jumpers in Norway and although we have members and passionate about this sport all over the country, we are established in Oslo. Our story began some years ago when five para jumpers, all members of a Facebook group dedicated to this sport, decided to take matters in their hands and organize trips and adventures themselves. This was at the beginning when para jumping was not as popular in Norway as it is today. Our goal was to spread the love for flying further to other people who are curious to try it or who share the same hunger for adrenaline as us. For some people it is their dream to fly, we are living our dream!

Security first!

Our customers appreciate the experience we offer them but most of all, the security we provide them. This was our main concern from the very beginning. Our instructors, operators and pilots are professionals who have long experience and certificates in either skydiving or a significant number of hours of flying. We like taking extra care of our clients. In order to persuade women to try para jumping, we have launched a collection of special parachutes designs in 2015 that enjoyed a wonderful success especially among chic ladies. We dedicate special attention to the quality of our services and planning of each para jumping, so that we maintain a balanced relation between our costumers’ wishes, our care for safety and unforgettable memories.

Once in a lifetime

So do you fancy a once in a life time experience? To reach the sky and beyond? Were you dreaming to fly ever since you were small? Are you passionate about plains, birds and flying? Today it is possible for you to fly too, alone, with a friend or your significant one. You do not need to have tried para jumping before as most of our clients have never done it in their lives. You just need to have initiative, courage and …let it fly! Norway has a handful of skydiving operators from regional airfields. Some operators can point enthusiasts to cliff skydiving, another popular extreme sport in Northern Europe. Norways instruction for first-time jumpers, video and photographic recording services and prices are satisfying in comparison to the experience. Tandem, accelerated free fall and programs for licensed para jumpers are standard services from all operators. Norway para jumping is dependent on the country’s mercurial weather conditions.