Info & prices


We would like that anybody could have the possibility to take this challenge, but there are some requirements however. Apart from being fun, it is a sport that implies seriousness and a very good health condition. It is so that anyone who wants Tandem Skydive as a one-time experience and having normal health can participate in tandem para jumping from helicopter.

Our duty is to inform you that jumpers are evaluated for weight and physical fitness before being permitted to jump. We set a minimum age requirement of 16 years old for jumps. The weight limit is 198 lbs. that is 100 kg, and a maximum height of 2 m. The center does not permit people with heart disease, diabetes or epilepsy to participate. An approved medical certificate it is required in the case the participant is over 65 years old. It is worth mentioning that the use of alcohol and drugs is prohibited before jumping for all the participants on board: the jumper, the tandem operator and pilots.

When it comes to prices we have different numbers according to your wishes, whether you want to include in your experience a video or picture of yourself jumping from 10.000 ft., falling into air at 200 km/hr and also when the parachute is opening. Oslo prices: Video of Tandem Para Jumping in Norway 1.000 nok; Tandem Para Jumping in Norway: 3.990 nok. The package include: Briefing on ground for 10 minutes (preparation and instructions), then 10 minutes flight in the helicopter, which follows an exit from 10.000 ft or 3000 meter, 30 seconds freefall in 200 km/hr. which will seem to you that they will last forever and 5-6 minutes flight in the parachute.

The price for Oslo city sightseeing tour from a helicopter depends on the number of the participants: 3 people’s trip costs 5.000 nok, 4 persons’ tour is the equivalent of 6.900 nok and 5 persons can pay up to 10.500 nok. The trip lasts for 40 minutes.

Bergen prices for para jumping: Video of Tandem Para Jumping in Norway 850 nok; Tandem Para Jumping in Norway: 2.500 nok. Prices do not differ whether it is a jump from the helicopter or from Ulriken Mountain, as the transport on the mountain will be provided via the same helicopter. Please note that these prices do not include one night accommodation in Bergen, but we can add this alternative on request.

The prices include all the fees and are in Norwegian crowns and they are due to change depending on money exchange, if paying with foreign currency