Reaching the clouds and beyond

The Viking of the Sky

Jan (41) is an experienced para jumper. He was one of the “fathers” at wide spreading this sport in Norway. He has seen many things and it is a professional in his job. Here are his advices whenever in doubt if taking the challenging or not:

“When I was young I was told by my grandfather that nothing is impossible. Of profession I wanted to become a pilot, but as a matter of fact, I am doing something else nowadays. My grandfather was a pilot in the WWII and he was my fountain of inspiration. He was saying that “If people could get to know the satisfaction of flying, they would not give it a second thought”. Para jumping is my pilot profession and I would recommend to anybody: Do it so you can feel that you are really living. Get out of your comfort zone and do not take it serious, otherwise you may gave in. Many people have confessed that the experience changed them when they looked above the city. Even though the adrenaline and emotions are at their peak when taking off, a deep introspection will take over once you are on land again. You will think you were fooled and that the world is better, more beautiful from the above, among the clouds. Para jumpers are often compared to Icar, the legendary figure which flew close to the sun.

Para jumping will always mean to me reaching the clouds and beyond, in a complete state of freedom and carelessness.”

Held by the Air

Parahute and lanscape

This is Jan on the company skydiving trip that he organized and managed for Norske Casino