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Our Social Media Foundation

Social media is an important part of our origins and promotion of para jumping in the virtual space. The idea of our project came when five para jumpers, members of a Facebook group dedicated to this sport, took the initiative to start popularizing this way of expressing emotions, exhale adrenaline, inhale fresh air and bathe your eyes and soul in beauty and freedom. Our project had the effect wanted and para jumping is nowadays not a “craziness” as it was considered before, yet a more affordable but unique experience. We have persuaded people to trust us and they did not regret it.

We became widespread on the social media, using our Facebook page to answer questions, offer details, register reservations, post pictures, update with events. We registered a big success when in 2015 we launched a collection of special parachutes designs addressed to women. Attractive colors, feminine models or meaningful messages were a guaranteed success and we have noticed that not only by significant presence of women at the event, but also in the increasing number of the brave women registered to have taken this challenge. The event was organized on Facebook and took place at the base camp to take off, in Oslo. That day women were privileged and could jump at special prices. For next coming events and stay updated, Like our page on Facebook: Para jumpers in Norway.

Our Instagram followers have helped building up our page by hashtagging photos and short videos of their experience with the Para Jumpers in Norway. The media files are from first-time experience jumpers, our operators pictures while at work, para jumping over Oslo fjord, floating in the air over Bergen, birthday gifts and bachelor parties para jumping. There is also possible to arrange para jumping for special occasions (birthday, parties), with a discount on 5% if there are no extra requests.


Our Twitter page is the tool we use to inform the para jumpers about the updates, news and future coming events.

For more details, options, prices, alternatives and events check our official webpage We are always ready to assist you and inform you about everything you need to know before and under the jump. Our client supporters are experienced para jumpers, so when you make reservations you will be given first-hand information about the prices, conditions and useful advices.


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