The lands of the vikings

Location: Oslo

We are established in the capital Oslo and we usually take off and start our procedures 45 minutes’ drive away. We offer tandem and accelerated free fall instruction from Thursday to Sunday between April and October. The operator can pick up clients at the train station or bus stop near the skydiving center. Instructors give 30-minute pre-jump instructions for first-timers and use a dual harness for tandem skydives. Tandem dives generally take 25 seconds during free fall and up to seven minutes once the instructor deploys the canopy. Jumps start at 10,000 feet from a helicopter. The drop zone is about 15 minutes away from the city center. The center provides shower, equipment room, clubhouse and lounge, reception and assistance. The jump will be above Oslo fjord and it will enchant your sense and emotions at the natural beauty and the state of freedom you will feel.


Apart from para jumping, we organize sightseeing tours from the helicopter around Oslo fjord. We start at Ås, south of Oslo and end at the Agricultural University of Norway. There is a whole adventure in this trip so popular especially among tourists. Immediately after taking off Tusenfryd amusement park is appearing before reaching the Oslo harbor. You will see the former Oslo College of Seamanship, a significant feature on the Ekeberg Hill. Once approaching the Oslo Harbor you can indulge yourself with a spectacular view over the Operahouse, Akershus Fortress and Bygdøy. Vigeland Sculpture Park and Holmenskollen Ski jump are amazingly beautiful from the heights, we can guarantee you, but the idyllic Nesodden where we will have a perfect view of the artificial ice block ponds built in the 19th century for exportation, will definitely surpass your imagination. This is a 40-minute experience with capacity for 3, 4 and 5 seats.

Parajumping in Bergen

If you wish to, there is also possibility to arrange para jumping trips to Bergen, Norway’s second largest city, were a smaller team is waiting for you. According to your way of getting to Bergen, the operator will be waiting for you at the airport, bus station or at the train station. We can also provide you one night accommodation which will be added to the price of the package you chose. The operator’s experienced instructors will teach you body positions required to jump from the aircraft, how to free fall and how to conduct a soft landing. Customers are provided with headgear, goggles, jumpsuit and harness. Bergen para jumping starts at stages up to 18,000 jumps annually between April and Aug. 31. Before deciding to go for this para jumping option, we kindly ask you to read more about it on our page Do take into consideration that Bergen has a rocky landform, surrounded by seven mountains and that the para jumping can take off from a helicopter, but also from the highest mountain, Ulriken 645 m.eo.

Experience the clouds with us!